The answer to anxiety is not always in medication. In Anxiety Counselling Anxiety levels, anxiety disorders, anxiety attacks, social anxiety and depression anxiety are tested and measured through the : Beck 3 Inventories, that measures not only anxiety levels but also emotional and social adjustments, depression, anger, self concept and disruptive behaviours. In Anxiety counselling, the root cause of anxiety, or even if it is just a personality trait, is adressed and the client is learnt culturally and culturally relevant coping strategies, skills, tools for the prevention of anxiet or even panic atttacks, the understanding of one’s own reality of viewing life through a lense of “some kind of danger” and the reality of  the world without constantly expecting the worst.

In counselling for anxiety strategies and skills or coping mechanism to deal with stress and anxiety are taught, and empowers the individual to take control of their own lives and manage stress or panic and fear independently and constructively. Panic Disorders can severely hinder all aspects of an individual’s life, and the goal of anxiety is to empower the individual to self-regulate and manage their disorder or stress and anxiety without being reliant on external influences such as medication or continuous and never ending counselling. It’s aim is to guide the client towards a self-maintained state of coping and emotion regulation so that they can live their lives independently and effectively manage and cope with the learnt coping mechanism and skills or strategies leartt from initial counselling, and when things get to much to deal with again, see the counsellor again until they have regained control. The ultimate goal is empowerment and independence, living a life where stress or anxiety doesn’t control all aspects of your life.