A lot of how the world treat us and how we experience the world, including relationships, jobs and life in general is based on our concept of self and our own self esteem. How we allow others to treat us is determined by how we think and feel about ourselves and what we deserve. In Self Esteem and Self Care Intervention Counselling, the client learns to understand his or her own worth and values, build self confidence, acquire social skills, communication skills and the setting of boundaries etc. above building his/her own self esteem. An after care plan is implimented for once counselling is terminated, where the client learns to love him/herself without having to have their worth be validated by external sources. Personal development, growth and empowerment by utilizing the amazing strengths and unique qualities that already exists in the individual is the starting point for building self-confidence and self-esteem, and learning how to recognize and reach our own highest possible level of personal achievement and self-love is the end goal. Learning how to disregard negative self-perceptions that may be a result of past experiences of abuse, bullying or negative and toxic relationships and environments allows the client to view themselves as they truly are rather than allowing feelings of worthlessness or helplessness that are unrealistic to dominate their self-concept. Increasing self-esteem is essential to living a life where you are free to enjoy your day to day experiences and interactions without constantly living with self-doubt and self-loathing.