Definition of Trauma: "Exposure to an event which was perceived as intensely threatening to mind, body, or spirit, accompanied by feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and horror."

Trauma is a distressing event in which an individual feels severely threatened emotionally, psychologically or physically. Most people experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives, such as a car accident, death of a loved one, sexual assault or rape, abuse or neglect, an act of violence or exposure to a severely violent environment. For some, they are able to ‘bounce back' from such trauma with the support of friends and family, but for others, the aftermath of trauma have longstanding effects and are often repressed. This may culminate in feelings of intense emotional pain, fear, confusion, or post traumatic stress far after the event has passed. Trauma counselling and counselling guides, assists and supports individuals to heal and grow from the trauma which they have had to endure. It aids in the development of coping strategies and addresses the variety of symptoms that one experiences after experiencing a traumatic event.

Should trauma not be addressed, the emotional well-being of an individual can be negatively affected, and the view the individual holds regarding themselves, their place in the world, the world itself, their relationships and their general functioning in everyday life may be affected. Trauma treatment can address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is a severe affliction and should be dealt with as soon as possible.