Marital therapy or counselling should never be a boxing arena. The role of the relationship counsellor or therapist is to assist in building constructive communication and conflict management skills, rebuild and restore trust and faith in a safe environment from a objective and positive outlook.  Research has shown that couples often avoid seeking intervention into their troubled relationship. Couples counselling or marriage counsellling is often recommended for individuals who want to resolve issues that have a negative impact on their relationship. Subsequently, these individuals seek counselling to deal with resulting relationship stress. Counselling serves to improve communication between partners, and to help understand and resolve their negative consequenses of events which lead to negative or complex emotions.

Marriage or relationship coaching is aimed at constructively solving relationship problems in a safe environment, where marriage or relationship guidance is given based on intertwining both individuals perspectives and finding a solution that is considerate and accommodates both partners needs and respectfully addresses relationship or marital problems from a solution focused vantage point.


Mediation in both family and marital or couples counselling plays a significant role in the healing of marital, couples or family counselling.

Couples counselling is useful for dealing with a number of relationship problems including, but not limited to, power dynamics, intimacy issues, sexual dissatisfaction, intimate partner abuse, infidelity, and communication difficulties as well as conflict management.  Counselling addresses many facets of a relationship, and often uncovers issues that were not previously considered or dealt with, which can be very helpful, particularly if a couple is considering divorce or separation, or wanting to improve on the quality of their relationship.

Divorce counselling is also an essential for the individual, the couple or the family members who are going through the process of divorce, and adjusting to the subsequent changes in their personal lives, family structure and dynamics and their roles as parents, should children be involved.