"My counselling approach is holistic and integrative as I believe that the physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural and educational systems are influenced by the relationships we find ourselves in and we, in turn, influence our relationships. Each client is a unique individual with specific needs, backgrounds and cultures in different life stages, and I aim to provide counselling and remedial counselling modalities that are congruent with these individual characteristics. The aim of counselling is always to facilitate constructive change and to find meaning in everyday life challenges. I believe that all people have the capacity to turn tragedy into triumph. I believe that every individual can overcome the barriers that they face if they work towards healing and aim to develop themselves and create growth and development. Children who face learning difficulties or disabilities may face many difficulties in all areas of life, but have the ability to overcome these barriers and to reach their full potential regardless of the challenges they face should the be given the right support and interventions."