When a loved one is struggling with a specific hindrance to their psycho-socio-emotional well being, it can be a difficult burden to bare. Often these individuals are in need of support, but their loved ones are unsure of how to approach the topic or the offering of support. The purpose of interventions is to (with the client's permission) add a support framework for the client concerned, adding to their journey of healing by use of these support frameworks. These interventions are aimed at providing support to those who are the supporters of a loved one in need. Emotional interventions aim to provide positive behaviour support. Drug interventions and inpatient rehab, as well as outpatient rehab options, are discussed, and appropriate referrals are made.

When considering academic support, parents are often in need of guidance on how to approach and deliver support required by their children in order to achieve their optimal performance rate with regards to academic and scholastic success. Scholastic interventions also provide academic intervention programs. Familial interventions include family counselling, family counselling interventions and counselling interventions.