This counselling is especially effective and beneficial for individuals who seem to find themselves in constant conflict with their romantic partners, employers, emplyeees, friends, families etc. and are unabke to communicate in such a way that a constructive point is brough across and what the person means is said in such a way that the message is delivered in a positive and sociable acceptable manner. How to deal with conflict and communication problems is essential for individuals of all ages and life and developmental stages

Social Skills Building Counselling and Remedial Therapy

Some people are particularly bad at Social Skills (Specifically those affected by spectrum disorders) and Ms. Pretorius evaluates and designs different interventions, coaching and counselling techniques and tools to help you plan and implement remediation strategies that are directly tied to problems identified by Social Skills Assessment Battery used to gain an understanding of your social skills and interactive processes. This dynamic intervention program enables you to conduct meaningful pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments and be confident that your decisions are reliable and your documentation of changes is accurate.

Social Skills Development Counselling and Intervention includes the following areas:

  •    Communication
  •    Co-operation
  •    Assertion
  •    Responsibility)
  •    Empathy
  •    Engagement
  •    Self-control

Social skills building and social skills development in both adults and children is the main aim of the intervention and a skills assessment for an autism child or autistic adult as well as an social skills intervention program is developed according to the results and the a lens of empowerment and social skills activities are aimed at eventual independent social and relational  independent, successful functioning.