Career assessment is a process of assessing a clients interests, skills, personality traits, attitudes and values. By conducting career assessments in these five areas, the client is more likely to discover which careers they are best suited. This is an especially important process for learners in Grade 10 and 11, as well as to individuals aiming to redirect their career paths. The higher a career scores in all of the five areas, the more assured the client can be that it is one that suits them best.

The career assessment process involves completing a battery of career assessments. Ms Pretorius makes use of the Career interest Profile and the Differential Aptitude Test. These are highly accurate assessment batteries which are only available to train, registered and qualified professionals, and provide in-depth insight into the correct career paths for an individual based on both their interests as well as their abilities and aptitudes. The results of these assessments are evaluated, and the effects of various interviews are considered to determine the right career for the individual. After that, the process of career counselling takes place, where the next steps to attaining the adequate tools and skills to embark on their chosen career path are outlined. All assessments are evaluated, and clients are given an assessment report.